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   Monday, 17 February 2020  
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Essar Indonesia reaches out to quake-hit country


An earthquake of 7.9 magnitude shook the mountainous West Sumatera province of Indonesia on September 30, 2009. The epicentre was 57 kms southwest of Padang, the capital of the province. While a large number of human casualties were reported, the quake caused substantial damage to the surrounding Padang Pariaman district. More than 30,000 homes, schools, hospitals and government offices were flattened or severely damaged.

Essar Indonesia (PTEI), responding to a call for assistance from the Governor of West Sumatera, donated Essar Steel’s popular corrugated roofing sheets, ‘Seng Gelombang Angsa Emas’, valued at over Rp. 108,000,000 (Hundred and Eight million Rupiah), towards reconstruction of public infrastructure such as housing and schools in the quake-hit region. Many buildings in the rural areas were damaged when their metal roofs collapsed.

PTEI’s contribution, which is a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in the local community, was handed over to the Governor’s office on October 24, 2009, by KB Trivedi, President Director, Essar Indonesia, and Agus Haydar, General Affairs Specialist, PTEI.


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