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   Monday, 17 February 2020  
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ESSAR Indonesia reached out the flood victims

In the beginning of January 2014, the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta city and other areas around the city such as West Java and Banten were affected by a heavy rains and lot of residential area was under water affecting daily routine life.The flooding has force peoples to abandon their homes and been evacuated to the safe temporary shelter provided by the government and other concerned parties.

Some of PTEI employees who live in the eastern part of Jakarta City, Bekasi, had affected by the flood where the flood had reached almost neck-high water in some parts of the city while in others, waters were up to 2 m (6.5ft) deep. With the support and initiative from CEO of PT. Essar Indonesia, immediately responded to the natural calamities that affected some of our PTEI employees, Essar Indonesia foundation committee, has reached out to help flood victims by going directly to the disaster area and distributing food packets to the refugees. Essar Indonesia foundation also shared set of TV, spring bed, refrigerator to the flood victims, in addition to it, food groceries consist of rice, cooking oil, sugar & noodle packets were distributed to affected employees.

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