Feeding Essar News http://localhost/essar/news.html News Update From Essar id Award from the environment Office of the Bekasi District http://essar.co.id/public_html/news.html?id=jZwXJWkBiefoTcB9Wwn318bPZ9kEMA%3D%3D On the Environment Day event, on November 5, 2018, PT Essar Indonesia received an Award Sign Plaque from the Bekasi Regency Environmental Agency as one of the Companies that Comply with Environmental Management. ESSAR Indonesia reached out the flood victims http://essar.co.id/public_html/news.html?id=p8d103Zmj6le7Ha%2Fbdk9bzhAIiguaA%3D%3D In the beginning of January 2014, the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta city and other areas around the city such as West Java and Banten were affected by a heavy rains and lot of residential area was under water affecting daily routine life. One of The Best Companies in Indonesia for implementing Energy Management System http://essar.co.id/public_html/news.html?id=1EeXVk%2FImGMvNduUbxaVSMJaRYtd6Q%3D%3D One of The Best Companies in Indonesia for implementing Energy Management System under large industry category Green Industry Award 2013 http://essar.co.id/public_html/news.html?id=7abX2fXncTlrByrLTywse0gg%2BOplAQ%3D%3D We achieved the prestigious GREEN INDUSTRY AWARD 2013, by achieveing the highest level (level V). The award have been presented by Ministry of Industry, H.E. Mr. Mohammad. S. Hidayat this morning. PT Essar Indonesia opens 9th Steel Hypermart in the country http://essar.co.id/public_html/news.html?id=2YUFrGrd12biBeYNCN2PXM30TcRRIw%3D%3D Essar Indonesia (PTEI) is proud to announce the opening of the 9th Steel Hypermart outlet in the country, at Cikupa, in Java, Indonesia on September 19, 2013. Cikupa is an industrial town situated about 40 kms from Tangerang, which is our largest selling Hypermart. Cikupa houses several “Kawasan” (local / small-scale) industries and many major industries like Dharma Polimetal, PT Beton, and Rinnai; major traders, like Inti Sumber have bases here. PT Essar Indonesia wins Ministry of Environment Green level PROPER award http://essar.co.id/public_html/news.html?id=dy4ZX81lfPfXARJCQgDSY8dsi77%2Fhg%3D%3D PT Essar Indonesia (PTEI) was awarded Green Level at the prestigious PROPER Award 2012, by the Ministry of Environment, Republic of Indonesia, at a function held in Jakarta on December 3, 2012. The Proper awards are presented by the Ministry as recognition of the Corporate Performance Ratings in environmental management. Essar Indonesia receives ASEAN Energy Award 2012 http://essar.co.id/public_html/news.html?id=lMiQvFVBFBy8xI%2BvAx3mmYasfPIcYw%3D%3D PT Essar Indonesia (PTEI) won 2nd Runner up position at the ASEAN Energy Awards 2012, for Best Practices in energy management, in the Large Industry category (companies whose Thermal Energy Consumption (TEC) is more than 30 million MJ/year). Essar at India Show in Jakarta http://essar.co.id/public_html/news.html?id=CtcSiYyY87qeuDJJ6n9gIFYVQW6Ceg%3D%3D The Essar Group, represented by PT Essar Indonesia (PTEI), was one of the leading Indian corporates to participate in the \"The India Show\" held at Jakarta, Indonesia, on March 6-8, 2012. The exhibition was organized by Ministry of Commerce and industry Government of India, and Confederation of Indian Industry, along with the Embassy of India Jakarta. Blood Donation Camp http://essar.co.id/public_html/news.html?id=VooPk2mhPUCY303lSghV8IF8O9neJg%3D%3D Among the many activities undertaken as part of its corporate social responsibilities, PT Essar Indonesia (PTEI), in collaboration with the Bekasi Branch of Indonesia Red Cross (Palang Merah Indonesia), organises blood donation camps near its Citibung facility. Community Empowerment Initiative http://essar.co.id/public_html/news.html?id=nD4X%2BuUartSOjymB8Vha5wzBeV8UkQ%3D%3D In a major initiative started in June last year, Essar lent its support to a fish farming programme in Mekarwangi village, to provide a sustainable source of income to the villagers. The village is located about 1.5 kms from the Cibitung facility. PTEI constructed two fish farms and also contributed the initial capital for spawn and fish feed.